Gambling For Beginners, Professionals & You

Gamblers, be it, beginners, professionals or one-timers need to know two essential things about gambling.Every place has some rules of conduct that you must follow, be it at an interview, place of worship, workplace and even in a casino. Following casino etiquettes will ensure that your game dealer will be nicer to you and offer you free advice, waiters will serve you with food & drinks by attending to you more often and other players will appreciate your behavior. No matter how proficient you are with the rules and strategies the most important things before setting foot into the world of gambling are:

  • Casino Etiquettes
  • Money Management

Planning To Play

If you are not planning to play then do not sit at the game table and waste space. Do not divert other players by simply sitting at the game table just for the sake of watching others play.

New Activities

Other things that you should not engage in as a matter of overdoing the game are clapping your hands, jumping up and down, blowing the dice or doing something that no one actually cares.

Good Manners

If you have won a deal then wait for the dealer to count it in front of you and push it towards you. Until then it is good manners not to touch your winnings however tempting it might be.


Do not pretend to be what you are truly not. For example, do not pretend to be a professional gambler by taking long pauses or stalling the game for a long time. This will only annoy others seated at the table.

Current Hand

Do not take your seat at the game table until the current hand finishes and clears off. Use only one hand to carry and place your cards. Do not be all over the place.

Don't Touch

Once the hand has been dealt and you have placed your bet, do not touch it for any reason.


Do not take calls, text or browse while you are seated at the game tables. Other players will not like it and may even reprimand you for it.


Tip your dealer regularly. Tip your servers when they come around.

Ways to manage your money while gambling

This the most important lesson for anyone who wants to gamble away to glory. Gambling can make or break you, hence spend your money wisely.

Learn to maintain self-discipline with your money. Develop self-control. Understand the odds behind every game.

Learn the strategies that can be applied different games. Never drink and gamble, as this will only result in losses Do not bet anything that you think you cannot afford to win.

Plan your finances and follow a budget even before entering the gaming zone. If you do not understand the rules of a game, then it is best that you do not play it. You will end up losing a lot of cash by playing games whose rules and strategies are unknown to you.

Gaming Sessions

Time your gaming sessions by setting time limits and taking frequent breaks away from the game tables to minimize money losses. Never ever borrow a single penny while gambling because the chances of you losing the borrowed amount are high and that will only put you in a worse situation.

Do not attempt to swipe your cards at the ATM machines or use a credit card swiping machine to bet more, as this will only result in financial burden. Online and land casinos may be open 24x7. However, do not give into the temptation of playing round the clock, as you will end up losing a lot with a tired body and mind. Hence, timely rest and adequate sleep are recommended.

Remember to quit when you have made a win, even if the winning amount is less If you see your money increasing, do not be greedy and if you see your money draining away, do not wait for long for the tables to turn around.

Learn when you have to stop and leave the tables. Following these points will not guarantee you winnings. However, you can be assured to have a good, memorable and safe gambling experience. Whether you win or lose, these tips will ensure that you enjoy without getting into trouble.

Our Mission

We give a lot of focus to all our players, as they form the core of our business. Hence, we achieve this by encouraging our guests to gamble responsibly, by innovating our gaming scenarios, by encouraging strategic partnerships, by organizing community outreach programs and by providing exceptional entertainment experiences.

Our mission includes organizing and managing to gamble in the most responsible and safest manner possible. How we carry out our business is important to us because we feel obliged to our guests. Our mission primarily focuses on the interests of our players, everything else matters second.

Our dedicated team of people working for us contribute to the fulfillment of our mission and also help in achieving our goals. We aim to provide quality products and services at the best possible value.

Most Important Driving Force

Our business is built upon trust, which is the most important driving force. We conduct our business in the following manner for a sustainable growth:

Offer engaging and fun games. Carry out all our activities fairly, truthfully and clearly. Build relations based on trust.Behave responsibly towards our society.Respect all our guests and value them equally.

Our mission includes providing the best gambling experience to all our guests. We also aim to be the number one gambling choice in the minds of all our players. As a part of being a responsible gambling provider, we provide our players with all the latest information and trends so that they make informed decisions while gambling.

We ensure to provide the following features for the best gambling experience: New and latest games. Safe & secure gambling software. Strict surveillance systems . Professional dealers and other management staff. Clean and hygienic food & accommodation. Best casino bonuses . 24x7 customer support service . Remember that luck can change anytime, so wait no more and spend time with us today.

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